Resistivity Meter Calibration and System Validation

We have purchased special test modules to be used in the calibration and certification of various resistivity meters. These test modules have been calibrated with NIST traceable equipment and we will be able to give you proper documentation for your purposes. This documentation will satisfy the ISO requirements. We will come to your facility and do this work onsite with minimal interruption to your daily operations.

Additionally, we are offering our customers the opportunity to take a proactive stance to keep their equipment in compliance and good running operation. While doing the onsite visit for meter calibration and certification, we can also spend some time to validate the vital components of a system and make recommendations as to a proper course of action for system maintenance. We will document this activity and provide this information for your records.

By combining the above activities, a customer will be able to save the extra expense of our field engineer traveling to their facility twice.

Call us today at 603-685-4108 and speak with our applications engineer to learn more.

Resistivity Meter Calibrations & System Validation Services