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Separation Technologists provides solutions to the challenges that industrial water recycling and water treatment processes present. In many industrial markets, such as semiconductor, electronic assembly, metal finishing, aerospace, and metalworking, the cost associated with water is becoming a limiting factor for industrial growth. Separation Technologists provides the multiple technologies that these industries demand, with our ‘Aqua’ series of products, to improve productivity, reliability and efficiency, while at the same time reducing the total operating costs.

Electronic Assembly

DI & Rinse Water Recovery

Closed-Loop DI water recycling for washing and rinsing operations in the electronics assembly industry provides operating cost savings and improves productivity. Limitations imposed on some companies, due to the availability of source water, encourages them to conserve and recycle their process water. Recovering used DI water and re-purifying it for reuse, economically recovers a valuable resource. Closed-Loop water recycling eliminates discharge of wastewater and the need for meeting local discharge regulations and their associated regulatory costs. DI water recycling provides a continuous source of high quality DI water for spot free washing and rinsing of products. Separation Technologists’ AquaCycler™ systems meet or exceed the electronic assembly industry’s needs and requirements.

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DI Resins

Deionized(DI) water is used extensively in the electronic assembly area for washing and final rinse operations for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. Typically, one tank of activated carbon precedes two or three tanks of DI resin. The carbon is particularly effective in removing organic material. The DI resin removes ionic content from the recycled process stream and produces water in the 2 – 18 Meg ohm range, for a period of time, depending on the ionic loading. With use, the media reaches its operational capacity, becomes exhausted, and needs to be replaced. Separation Technologists provides activated carbon, DI resins, and also the portable media exchange services, as well as, technical expertise for the process of making quality DI water.

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