Markets We Serve

Separation Technologists provides solutions to the challenges that industrial water recycling and water treatment processes present. In many industrial markets, such as semiconductor, electronic assembly, metal finishing, aerospace, and metalworking, the cost associated with water is becoming a limiting factor for industrial growth. Separation Technologists provides the multiple technologies that these industries demand, with our ‘Aqua’ series of products, to improve productivity, reliability and efficiency, while at the same time reducing the total operating costs.

Wastewater Treatment

pH Neutralization and Metals Removal

Wastewater treatment prior to discharge to the local sewer or to private industrial pretreatment systems can range from simple pH adjustment to complex treatment systems for removal of a wide variety of contaminants and toxic heavy metals. We can review your wastewater treatment requirements, analyze the nature of the contamination, determine your discharge specifications and provide the equipment needed to meet your wastewater treatment needs.

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Oily Wastewater

Water soluble oils, emulsified oils, metalworking coolants, lubricants and alkaline cleaners are just some of the sources of oily wastewater generated by industrial facilities. Typically, the oils, fats and greases from these types of wastewater must be removed prior to discharge to publicly owned wastewater treatment facilities. Separation Technologists has a treatment approach that can mechanically remove these types of oils from wastewater without the need for chemical treatment.

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