Markets We Serve

Separation Technologists provides solutions to the challenges that industrial water recycling and water treatment processes present. In many industrial markets, such as semiconductor, electronic assembly, metal finishing, aerospace, and metalworking, the cost associated with water is becoming a limiting factor for industrial growth. Separation Technologists provides the multiple technologies that these industries demand, with our ‘Aqua’ series of products, to improve productivity, reliability and efficiency, while at the same time reducing the total operating costs.

Metal Finishing / Conversion Coatings

Rinsing is used to remove excess metal finishing process solutions used for conversion coatings, plating and galvanizing. Commonly, these rinses generate wastewater contaminated with toxic metals, precious metals and metal salts requiring extensive wastewater treatment. Point-source treatment with a closed-loop water recycling system eliminates discharge and the need for meeting local discharge regulations and their associated regulatory compliance costs. Recycling conserves water, recovers valuable resources and provides continuous high quality water for rinsing operations.

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