Markets We Serve

Separation Technologists provides solutions to the challenges that industrial water recycling and water treatment processes present. In many industrial markets, such as semiconductor, electronic assembly, metal finishing, aerospace, and metalworking, the cost associated with water is becoming a limiting factor for industrial growth. Separation Technologists provides the multiple technologies that these industries demand, with our ‘Aqua’ series of products, to improve productivity, reliability and efficiency, while at the same time reducing the total operating costs.

Wash Water Recovery

Washing of manufactured parts for removal of oils, greases and other soils, either as a finished product or required pretreatment prior to additional finishing operations, typically results in an increase in operating costs, due to costs for source water, cleaning chemicals, wastewater treatment and labor for servicing the washer. Filtering and recycling wash water can significantly reduce all of these costs, while at the same time improve washing efficiency by providing cleaner wash water on a continuous basis.

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