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Separation Technologists provides solutions to the challenges that industrial water recycling and water treatment processes present. In many industrial markets, such as semiconductor, electronic assembly, metal finishing, aerospace, and metalworking, the cost associated with water is becoming a limiting factor for industrial growth. Separation Technologists provides the multiple technologies that these industries demand, with our ‘Aqua’ series of products, to improve productivity, reliability and efficiency, while at the same time reducing the total operating costs.

Semiconductor / Dicing and Grinding

Cutting & Grinding Water Filtration

Our AquaCycler™ closed-loop water recycling system removes contaminants from water used in dicing saws and back-grinders. The AquaCycler™ eliminates waste discharge of hazardous materials such as gallium arsenide, lead, PZT and some III-V compounds into the environment. By closely controlling the temperature of the filtered water, it can be reused for dicing and back-grinding fabrication processes. Recovered water is returned to the machining process minimizing the costs of both water supply and wastewater treatment.

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Separation Technologists has a complete stock of replacement filters for our AquaCycler™ systems. They are readily available when replacements are needed. Nominally rated cartridge filters are sequentially installed into the systems’ filter housings, typically 7 microns, 3 microns, 1 micron and 0.45 microns. If finer filtration is required, absolute rated filters are employed for over 99% removal of solids as fine as 0.2 and 0.1 microns. For high solids loading applications, bag filters are used.

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