DI Resins

Activated Carbon and Ion Exchange Resin

For over 30 years, Separation Technologists has been designing and selling industrial water treatment equipment that uses a combination of particle filtration along with carbon and resin to remove organic and ionic impurities. During this time we have determined the best methods for using Ion Exchange Resin in heavy metal removal and creating high purity water. For example, we developed a process to remove arsenic in both of its forms, As (III), known as arsenite, and As (V), known as arsenate.

Types of Media

Activated Carbon - 12 x 40 Mesh

  • Standard Carbon (dust free)
  • Acid-washed Carbon (dust free)
  • Unwashed Carbon
  • Carbon Block Cartridges

Virgin and Re-generated Ion Exchange Resins

  • Mixed Bed Resin
  • Anion Resin
  • Cation Resin
  • Specialty Resins
  • Toxic Metal Removal Resin
  • Ion Exchange Cartridges

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How To Buy

Option 1 - Bulk Form

The most common way is in bulk form. This can be a 7 cubic foot drum or a 1.25 cubic foot carton.

Option 2 - Tank Exchange Program

Customers ship their spent tanks to us to be washed and refilled with new product and then shipped back to them. Local customers are welcome to drop off their tanks and return to pick them up.

Option 3 - On-Site Tank Swap

Finally, we offer a complete on-site tank swap, with all labor included, for customers within our geographic range

Buyers of our media will be pleased to know that they have access to discounted pricing. With a one year exclusive commitment to our STI Blanket Purchase Order Pricing Program, customers will be able to reduce their cost of media. The price will be valid for one year and free technical phone support for their treatment system is included. Only purchase what you need. No minimums or maximums to worry about!

Call us today at 603-685-4108 and speak with our applications engineer or fill out the form below.

Quality Assurance

Every single lot of resin received by Separation Technologists is tested for Total Capacity and Operating Capacity.



STI designed and manufactured a dual resin test station for quality assurance. We use this test station to measure both the total and operating capacity of every container of resin that enters our facility. The total capacity test follows a very precise lab procedure in accordance with industry standards. The test results are expressed in milliequivalents per milliliter (meq/ml) and/or (kilograins per cubic foot) (kgr/ft3). Additionally, by carefully following a very strict procedure of ionic measurement, flow rate and total volume processed, we can determine the operating capacity of that shipment of resin.

By testing our resin, we demonstrate leadership in the industry and ensure that the products we ship to our customers are of the highest quality.


All testing performed at our facility is recorded and available to our customers upon request. Also, all batch numbers are transcribed on shipping documents to the user. This documentation can also be useful as a complement to the customers’ ISO program and for troubleshooting process problems that might occur.