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Our Total Solution ... Scientific method is used to define and evaluate your process.

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Experts Recognized Worldwide

With a proven track record to solve your problem, Separation Technologists' pioneering experience resulted in recognition by the EPA as the "Leader in Closed-Loop Water Recycling". The distillation of our experience from over 450 installations of standard and customized designs is used to formulate your TOTAL SOLUTION.

Wide Variety of Separation Technologies

We offer you the most appropriate, single-source TOTAL SOLUTION. Our application engineers, with over 50 years of separation experience, evaluate all of the key separation technologies - mechanical filtration, adsorptive ion-exchange, membrane and evaporative technologies. Since we do not make membranes, but have access to numerous membrane designs (spiral, hollow fiber or tubular), and materials of construction (plastic, ceramic or other), we can offer an unbiased evaluation of your process problem. Whether a membrane, ion-exchange, evaporative or other separation technology is selected, it will perform at the lowest capital and operating cost.

Interpretation of Environmental Regulations

Small and medium sized companies typically do not have the staff to evaluate compliance with regulatory laws. Our staff can assist you in determining the appropriate program to comply with local, state and federal regulations regarding wastewater discharge, if any, and/or hauling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste.

Laboratory Testing to On-Site Pilot Systems

Our on-site pilot systems ensure the performance of the system you selected. Matching separation technologies with a particular process chemistry can be crucial. Many applications do not require a pilot system, while others require an on-site system to verify system design. Our analytical approach and wide range of separation technologies can help you avoid purchasing inappropriate or wrong equipment.

Start-Up to Turnkey Installations

We offer start-up to turnkey installations and a full range of support services to meet your specific needs. We offer options ranging from simple telephone installation assistance to full turnkey installation with a 24 hour, 7 day a week service contract. A turnkey installation can be fully project-managed by our team, or project-engineered under your direction

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